Dress Up

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About Dress Up

Dress Up is designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. We strive to create timeless, original pieces that are considered in every detail. We have rigorous design and fitting processes and source high quality fabrics of mostly natural fibres. We believe in supporting the local industry and work closely with our manufacturers in Melbourne to make clothes that will be loved for many seasons to come.

Dress Up was conceived in 2006, by designer Stephanie Downey after completing a Bachelor of Arts Fashion at RMIT. Driven by a desire to create clothing that reflects human emotion and narrative, hers is a sensitive, artistic approach to fashion. 

When we ‘dress up’, countless images learned and copied are compiled to create something personal and unique. Dress Up is inspired by this inherent human expression, both powerful and vulnerable.

Each collection by the label tells a story, translating memories of both people and places, and the excitement and pride disclosed in assembling a perfect outfit. Each piece by Dress Up displays originality and a subtle, graceful femininity. One must look closely to appreciate the unique detail of the brand’s unassuming style. A self-conscious attempt at ladylike – Dress Up is an ode to vanity and the private aspiration of appearing fashionable.